Oklahoma Homeowner Association Management

With more than 20 years of experience in Homeowner Association Management, Oklahoma HOA Partners provides award winning service to our clients. Our team sets your community up for success.

Established in 1999 and re-branded in 2016, Oklahoma HOA Partners came to realize the largest complaint of Boards and Members alike was lack of information, minimal communication and timeliness of accounting.

Our structured HOA Management has a proven track records of relieving these concerns.  Our records are fully transparent with ‘real-time’ accounting and detailed notes on all Members needs.

We pride ourselves on affordable in-house maintenance and no up-charge or handling fees for materials.  Should a task need to be outsourced, we have a broad vendor base who rewards us for loyalty.  The rewards are passed on to our Customers!

HOA Management is an art form and not cut out for every management firm.  Oklahoma HOA Partner understands the importance of staying business focused while offering all Parties an empathetic approach that everyone can appreciate.

General Manager

Sheila Hoppis-Brown has been affiliated in one way or another with Association Management since 1996.  In this time, she discovered a void in transparency of Members.  This void led to a reluctance in Members paying dues and voting for special assessments.

The successful structured system of Oklahoma HOA Partner  was developed by working closely with the Board of Directors, their community Members and Attorney's in many different types of communities.

Sheila Hoppis-Brown knowledge of real estate and their values as a Broker is an added asset to the package.  One cannot 'Build' with what they have no 'Knowledge' in.